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Employer-Funded Insurance: Does Evidence Play a Role in Its Success?

Posted by Silvana Schneider, Director Payer Services on May 31, 2017

The quagmire that is the American healthcare system continues to leave payers, providers, and patients wringing their hands with the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop and unwilling to leave their valuable employees without the coverage they need for themselves and their families, some companies have gone the self-funded, self-insured route. This path, while innovative and admirable, is not without complications and is not entirely immune from the current issues swirling around healthcare reform.

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Hayes Reports Payers Are Viewing in 2017

Posted by Silvana Schneider, Director Payer Services on May 11, 2017

Last month, we gave you some insights into the most viewed reports in 2017 thus far. This week, we’d like to drill down a little further and show you three top reports that our payer clients, in specific, are reviewing from our Knowledge Center. In case you’re not a subscriber to our evidence solution, our Knowledge Center is a repository of unbiased health technology assessments (HTAs). From medical devices, to drugs, and genetic testing, you’ll find thoroughly scrutinized evaluations of the peer-reviewed, published research to give you the defensible information you need for your coverage policy determinations.

You can view a sample report by clicking the links below. If you’re not a member and you like what you see, you can contact us to purchase a full report.

Let’s take a look at the reports!

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