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Posted by The Evidence Blog on April 4, 2012

Evidence-Based Value Analysis: Using Scientific Evidence to Drive Quality and Reduce Costs

Are you looking for practical strategies to achieve your value-based purchasing goals so that your organization is well positioned for changes in Medicare reimbursement rates as part of healthcare reform? One of the outcomes of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has been an increased emphasis on clinical efficacy, safety, and cost benefit as it relates to the adoption and utilization of medical technologies. Hospitals and healthcare systems face multiple challenges in their efforts to make real and significant changes to reduce healthcare spending. Our newest white paper explains how institutions can apply the use of evidence to value-based purchasing strategies so that clinical objectives and fiscal realities will be in alignment.

Most hospitals and healthcare systems already use traditional value-analysis processes that incorporate contracting and standardization strategies to drive down costs and increase efficiency when purchasing consumables, devices, and, in particular, physician preference items. But to improve the utilization and clinical value hospitals realize from their purchases, we advocate an evidence-based approach that includes an evaluation of effectiveness and safety, operational impact, and return on investment, both clinical and financial. When championed by key physicians and C-suite executives, this process has been highly successful.

Our white paper, Evidence-Based Value Analysis: Using Scientific Evidence to Drive Quality and Reduce Costs is designed to help hospitals and healthcare systems implement a standardized approach when making purchasing decisions. This resource is available as a complimentary download.

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