Chief Medical Officers: Today’s Leaders in Reducing Costs and Improving Clinical Value

Posted by The Evidence Blog on May 3, 2013

Is your institution struggling to provide high-quality clinical care, improve patient outcomes, and realize significant cost savings simultaneously? If the answer is yes, then you and other leaders in your organization would benefit from attending a complimentary, 1-hour live webinar on Thursday May 9, 2013, at 1:00 p.m. ET. Register now to hear a panel of hospital experts discuss how hospitals and healthcare systems are using clinically driven processes to improve the quality of the services they deliver while reducing costs at the same time. Hospital CMOs Can Lead the Charge to Drive Out Costs will feature Dee Donatelli, Senior Vice President, Provider Services, Hayes, Inc.; Michael Louviere, System Vice President, System Supply Chain, Ochsner Health System; and Dr. Philip M. Oravetz, Medical Director, Accountable Care, Ochsner Health System discuss how to achieve significant cost savings by transforming purchasing from a price-based to evidence-based process.

What sets these strategies apart from traditional value-analysis approaches? For one, they remove bias and other outside influences from the purchasing decision and focus on evidence in relation to patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. They also incorporate greater physician and executive involvement and are routinely championed by C-suite executives such as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to promote a consistent approach and organization-wide change. It’s becoming clear that an evidence-based purchasing process must be a top-down approach, with CMOs and other key stakeholders who are considered to be influencers and decision makers leading the process.

What kind of savings are we talking about? One hospital saved $2.4M annually for contrast media on an initial spend of $8M; another saved more than $500,000 annually on surgical mesh products, simply by incorporating patient outcomes and safety data into their purchasing processes. Couldn’t your organization benefit from similar results?

Hospital CMOs Can Lead the Charge to Drive Out Costs is designed for CMOs, Chief Financial Officers, purchasing agents, value analysis and supply chain professionals, as well as physicians and other clinicians interested in learning how to manage utilization with an evidence-based process.

Space for this timely learning experience is limited, so sign up today.

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