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Posted by The Evidence Blog on October 29, 2012

By Dee Donatelli, RN, BSN, MBA, Sr. Vice President, Provider Services

As you would imagine, the trending topics at this year’s AHVAP meeting have focused on getting the most value out of the value analysis process. It’s not enough to negotiate a satisfactory contract; if providers hope to achieve good clinical outcomes, operational efficiencies, and savings, staff members need to know how to use products appropriately.

Richard Schule, Director of Clinical Education for Steris, challenged attendees to make sure their VA processes included:

  • Device manufacturers’ instructions for use
  • An Implementation process, with the right tools in place and available to ensure products/devices are used properly
  • Written procedures for product use
  • Review of the current clinical standards for use
  • Staff training and competency assessment
  • Process audits and ongoing assessments

Similarly, Alan Edwards, Vice President Supply Chain Solutions at Mary Washington Healthcare, spoke to the AHVAP members’ strategic objectives for value analysts. He focused on the need to be well prepared to have crucial conversations with all stakeholders. Have a polished delivery. Know your content. And, finally, measure outcomes, efficiencies, and savings.

Value analysts need to consider their BATNA—best alternative to a negotiated agreement. In other words, be prepared to win—win with vendors, clinicians, and others. Mr. Edwards stressed the need to establish a clinical value compass, which comprises:

  • Medical outcomes
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Functional status
  • Cost

Is your organization measuring the outcomes achieved with your VA process? If you’re not, you should be.

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