How Ready Are You for Change?

Posted by The Evidence Blog on March 16, 2012

by Karen Matthias, MBA, RN, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Hayes, Inc.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the WBL Summit in Las Vegas is all about change. Thursday’s focus was on how we can lead change. One thing we know for sure, although many things in the United States remain uncertain, perpetual change in the healthcare system is a given. Most of the attendees I’ve met agree that adjusting to the tenets of healthcare reform are key issues for their companies and their clients.

The first session I attended was led by Linda Ireland, Chris Majai, and Paula Morgan, all partners in AVEUS. They discussed the importance of distinguishing change readiness from change management. Do you know the difference?

In the second session, I learned why close to 60% of all strategic alliances fail, thanks to Elizabeth Pace, VP, Saint Thomas Health in Nashville, and the author of The X and Y of Buy: Sell More and Market Better by Knowing How the Sexes Shop. Even though strategic alliances are vital to most organizations’ success, too often they fail for several reasons:

  • Lack of clear vision
  • Unclear strategic goals or objectives
  • Poor communication about why change is necessary
  • Lack of trust
  • Unclear or poorly defined roles for both organizations
  • Incorrect alliance managers on both sides

A failure rate of 60%, that’s huge, but not too surprising. Wouldn’t you agree? The take-home message here? Be prepared with clearly set goals and defined roles when entering into strategic alliances. Buy-in from both organizations and a shared vision are essential for the alliance to be successful.

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