Our Latest Hybrid Operating Room Trend Report Is Available

Posted by The Evidence Blog on February 27, 2013

Is your facility considering installing and operating a hybrid operating room (OR) for cardiovascular, endovascular, or neurointerventional procedures? If so, then take a look at our latest Hybrid Operating Room Trend Report. It’s an essential resource for high-level research and analysis covering the acquisition and implementation of hybrid ORs for cardiovascular, endovascular, or neurointerventional procedures.

In addition to providing conclusions about the relative benefits of hybrid ORs in relation to patient outcome, delivery of care, and growth opportunities for hospitals, the latest report:

  • Includes a new section on endovascular hybrid ORs.
  • Analyzes six new studies that examined outcomes associated with neurointerventional and neurosurgical procedures performed in neuro hybrid ORs.
  • Summarizes the latest guidelines and recommendations with regard to cardiovascular hybrid ORs and transcatheter aortic valve replacement.
  • Describes recently introduced mobile imaging systems for hybrid OR use.
  • Provides updated information on multidisciplinary collaboration for planning and operating hybrid ORs.

The hybrid OR concept is a great example of how technology can facilitate patient-centered care. Hybrid ORs have the potential to streamline the way hospitals deliver care, which can, in turn, reduce medical errors, improve patient outcomes, and increase revenue. With our updated Trend Report, hospital administrators have a concise summary of the latest evidence at their fingertips so they can decide whether it makes sense to spend several million dollars to install and operate hybrid ORs in this challenging economic environment. Moreover, our unbiased analysis of the evidence supporting hybrid ORs and conclusions are free of vendor influence and clinician bias. Use our research to make cost-effective decisions about installing and operating a hybrid OR in your facility.

For more information or to purchase the report, contact us at: accountservices@hayesinc.com.

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