Evidence: We Set the Gold Standard

Posted by The Evidence Blog on March 1, 2017

gold standard_1200.jpgWe’ve been seeing some talk out there about the “gold standard” when it comes to evidence assessment. Some seem to believe they’re the only ones that provide it. But when it comes right down to it, all that is…is talk.

It’s not just enough to say you use the “gold standard” for evidence assessment. You have to define it. You have to live it. You have to embody it.

 Hayes does.

“Our team produces up to ten times more reports per year than our closest competitor.”



Our team of PhD scientists and research-trained nurses apply scientific rigor to provide you with in-depth, fiercely unbiased assessments of the peer-reviewed, published literature. And they produce up to ten times more reports per year than our closest competitor while maintaining the highest standards of evidence assessment.


 “We don’t just use the gold standard. We set it.”

Refusing money_1200-3.jpgThe nation’s leading health systems trust Hayes to provide evidence evaluations to guide their care delivery and coverage policy decisions. Additionally, Hayes’ payer clients represent 91% of all covered lives in the U.S. They choose us with the knowledge that every Hayes employee is required to be free from conflicts of interest and we will never be influenced by manufacturers. Read about just one of the times they tried.

 Unbiased evidence assessments provided by clinical experts.

 We don’t just “use” the gold standard. We set it.

Download a sample health technology assessment from our Medical Technology Directory to see the depth and breadth of our evidence evaluations.

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