MediHoney vs TheraHoney: What’s All the Wound-Healing Buzz About?

honey_1200.jpgDocumented evidence of the use of honey for medicinal purposes has existed for centuries across continents and cultures. As is so often the case, what’s old is new again, and honey has seen a resurgence as a treatment, specifically as a topical ointment to aid in wound healing. Because of its antimicrobial properties, honey is often used when treatment with antibiotics and antiseptics have failed. The honey produced by the Manuka (species Leptospermum scoparium) flower of New Zealand has been shown to be one of the most powerful in this regard.

See our Clinical Research Response, MediHoney versus TheraHoney.”

At least 2 companies use Manuka honey in their wound-healing products: MediHoney, manufactured by Derma Sciences, and TheraHoney from Medline Industries Inc. The FDA issued clearance for marketing and use for MediHoney in 2007, while clearance for TheraHoney was issued in 2012. Both manufacturers tout the unique healing properties of Manuka and offer research results on their respective websites. If you’re a provider trying to make an informed decision for your patients’ care or a payer determining which product to cover, there are things to consider as you make your determinations:

  • frustrated doctor_1200.jpgCan you trust research provided by the manufacturer?
  • Do you have the resources to make multiple health technology comparisons?
  • Do you have the time to pore over the research to find unbiased evidence?

As a member of our Knowledge Center, you are able to ask for a Clinical Research Response. These are requests from our clients that may include, for example, comparisons of 2 products incorporating details such as clinical use, regulatory status, safety, and effectiveness, among others. Our highly trained research analysts sift through the available peer-reviewed, published literature to provide you with unbiased evidence regarding your project.

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In the meantime, see our Clinical Research Response, “MediHoney versus TheraHoney.”

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