NICE Guidance Recommends Sovaldi and Olysio

Posted by The Evidence Blog on March 24, 2015

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Centre for Health Technology Evaluation in the United Kingdom released final guidance late last month recommending Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) and Olysio (simeprevir) as treatment options for some people with chronic hepatitis C. We’ve blogged about these latest pricey direct-acting antiviral agents before.

Both Sovaldi and Olysio have marketing authorization in the United Kingdom for use in patients with chronic hepatitis C infection. NICE recommends that Sovaldi be used in combination with ribavirin, with or without pegylated interferon alpha, as an option for some people with genotypes 1 to 6 chronic hepatitis C. With regard to Olysio, NICE recommends it be used “in combination with other medicinal products for treating adults with genotype 1 or 4 chronic hepatitis C.”

NICE is currently developing a separate guidance for the use of Olysio in combination with Sovaldi in people who can't tolerate or aren't eligible for treatment with interferon.

Hayes has reported on these agents and others used to treat chronic hepatitis C:

All of these reports are available to Hayes subscribers through the Knowledge Center. If you aren’t a Hayes customer, contact us to purchase any of these reports individually.

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