Speakers Confirmed for Hayes 2017 Client Symposium

WarwickRittenhousePhiladelphia.jpgWe are pleased to announce our lineup of guest speakers for this year’s Client Symposium. In addition to our keynote speaker, we are featuring two professionals who bring years of healthcare expertise and experience to our second annual gathering in the city of brotherly love.

The credentials of these sought-after presenters speak for themselves, so I’m going to let them do just that. Once you’ve read about their impressive backgrounds and accomplishments, head over to our registration page and reserve your spot at the Client Symposium today!

Michael Thompson, Keynote Speaker

Mr. Thompson is the President and CEO of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (National Alliance). The National Alliance consists of approximately 50 healthcare purchaser-led coalitions collectively supporting more than 12,000 healthcare purchasers providing health coverage to more than 41 million Americans. The National Alliance mission is to collectively empower purchasers to drive innovation, health, and value for their companies, their communities, and the country.

Michael served previously as a Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for 20 years, specializing in healthcare, employee benefits strategy development and implementation, design, financing, operations, and analysis. At PwC, he consulted with major employers and other stakeholders on:

  • Sustainable cost reduction
  • Integrated health
  • Wellness and consumerism
  • Retiree health
  • Private exchanges
  • Health reform

Prior to joining PwC, Mr. Thompson served as a health plan executive in both national and regional leadership roles related to underwriting, marketing, operations, government programs, and product development, including CFO of the western region and national head of underwriting and contracts. He also had oversight responsibility for pharmacy benefit management organization, participated on the national quality improvement committee, and led the national operations committee.

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Dr. Keith Fernandez

Dr. Fernandez is the Senior Physician Executive with Privia Health, a national physician practice management and population health technology company that partners with leading doctors to keep people healthy, better manage disease, and to reward providers for delivering high-value care. Privia’s mission is to keep physicians independent and to improve outcomes for patients.

Dr. Fernandez previously served as President and Physician-in-Chief of MHMD, the Memorial Hermann Physician Network, and as Chief Medical Officer of the Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the most financially successful Medicare Shared Savings Program. He also served as chairman of MHMD's Clinical Programs Committee, which provides governance for quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness for the organization through 50 physician-governed quality, safety, and supply chain committees. 


Lisa F. Tourville

Ms. Tourville is a Senior Vice President and Health Actuary with Anthem, accountable for the leadership of the Commercial Health Care Economics function and associates. She is a recognized expert in the industry on business intelligence, medical expense management, and trend forecasting and has more than 25 years of experience in:

  • Health Care Economics
  • Business Intelligence and Informatics
  • Analytics
  • Pricing
  • Product Development
  • Trend Analytics
  • Mitigation
  • Forecasting

She provides expertise and is accountable for the analysis of restated financial reporting and the analysis of medical expenses, medical expense trend, membership, and medical loss ratio and drill downs, identifying outliers and explaining drivers. She is also responsible for the valuation of clinical, enterprise, and contracting initiatives impacting medical costs with a focus on overall cost of care, gain share/risk share, and contracting analytics. Additionally, she oversees the development of informatics tools that will enhance the quality, timeliness, and efficiency of management reporting, including identification of trend drivers and healthcare cost opportunities.

Please join me in welcoming these influential speakers to our second annual 2017 Client Symposium. Click below to register. We hope to see you there!

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