The 2016 Inaugural Hayes Client Symposium: Calling All Ships to Shore

Posted by Winifred S. Hayes, RN, PhD, ANP, Founder and CEO on September 29, 2016

Lighthouse.jpgIt seems only fitting that we held our inaugural Client Symposium by the historic Philadelphia waterfront. We’ve envisioned ourselves as a lighthouse, shining a light on the best available evidence and providing you with decision-making tools to establish best practices and deliver value-based medicine. Although today’s technology has made it possible for us to work with our partners remotely all over the world, we recognized the need and benefit of face-to-face interactions. After nearly thirty years in business, we called the ships to shore, allowing us all the opportunity to reunite, recognize, and reinvigorate our journey to improve the provision of evidence-based healthcare.


The Symposium gave us the chance to meet with clients who were relatively new to us, as well as a chance to interact with those who have been with us for more than two decades. While we’ve gotten to know you all quite well over the years, within minutes of sitting with you and sharing your stories, we all found ourselves asking why we waited this long to bring our respective teams together. The benefits of being in the same room with you, some for the very first time, could not be denied. Rest assured, the Client Symposium will become a fixture of the Hayes calendar for many years to come.


Bringing our teams together gave us the venue not only to recognize the successes of our respective companies, but to hear your concerns and pain points, and address them head-on. Your honest feedback regarding our services is invaluable to our mutual success. Our innovation team is already hard at work investigating the means by which we can provide solutions to your problems as we continue to provide you with fiercely unbiased evidence.


Central to the success of the Symposium were our presenters. Topics included unpacking the complicated intricacies of the FDA approval process, demystifying the Hayes methodology of our health technology assessments, and just what to do when you see that “C” Hayes Rating. We also provided updated information regarding genetic testing and evaluation, and how Hayes gives payers and providers alike the tools for success. This relatively new and exciting field of analysis comes with a unique set of challenges for both sides of the healthcare continuum. Hearing the demands placed on you to make coverage and care-management decisions helped us plan how to fill your needs for the best evidence-based decision tools available. We hope you left these sessions reinvigorated and energized, eager to take this information back to your respective organizations with the knowledge that Hayes is hard at work for you.


As you sailed for home, we hope the Symposium left you excited about the future of your partnership with Hayes and confident in our ability to guide you on your never-ending journey to improving the delivery of healthcare. We received an overwhelmingly positive response, but we won’t let that go to our heads. Our dedication to fiercely unbiased evidence is matched by our commitment to innovation as we look to not only create new products and services, but to utilize your feedback to improve upon our existing processes. We look forward to waving in your ships to shore again in the near future.

Not able to attend the Symposium? Click here to view a sampling of our Genetic Test Evaluation (GTE) program and request to view a full report.

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