What Our Clients Want to Know: What’s New in Spine Hardware and Implants?

Posted by The Evidence Blog on January 6, 2015

One of our clients recently inquired about new products from Stryker, Medtronics, Biomet, and DePuy Synthes that are being used in spinal surgeries. Our search of PubMed, FDA databases, and the Internet showed that these manufacturers had multiple new devices that entered the market in 2014. Here is a list of some of the spinal implants and instrumentation that were reviewed by the FDA over the past year.


From Stryker:

  • AERO-AL Lumber Cage System: Intended to stabilize the lumbar spinal segments to promote fusion in order to restrict motion and decrease pain.
  • AVS AS Peek Spacer: Intended to stabilize cervical spine segments to promote fusion in order to restrict motion and decrease pain using bone graft.
  • XIA 3 or 4.5 Spinal System: Intended for use in patients younger than 10 years of age who require surgery for severe, progressive, life-threatening early onset spinal deformities associated with thoracic insufficiency.

From DePuy Synthes:

  • SYNAPSE System: Enables the surgeon to build an implant system to provide spinal fixation to allow for stabilization of the cervical spine and occipito-cervical junction in skeletally mature patients as an adjunct to fusion.
  • Lateral SYNFIX: A stand-alone lateral lumbar interbody fusion device indicated for degenerative disc disease at one or two contiguous levels from L2 – L5.
  • Synthes OC FUSION System: Intended to provide stabilization as an adjunct to fusion of the occipital-cervical junction.

From Biomet:

From Medtronic:

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