What’s the Buzz at Medicaid Innovations 2014?

Posted by The Evidence Blog on February 5, 2014

The fifth annual Medicaid Innovations Forum, which convened on February 3, 2014, brings together leaders from state Medicaid agencies and managed care organizations to discuss challenges and share strategies for creating new models of care for the expanding Medicaid populations. Several Hayes executives, including Karen Matthias, Vice President, Payer Services, and Cici Collins, Vice President, Government Services, are attending this event and gaining insight into some of the innovations that will drive new models of care that result in improved outcomes and reduced costs.

What kinds of new ideas are being discussed at the conference? At the top of the list are transformative strategies such as patient-centered medical home models, care-coordination programs that include face-to-face interactions and communicating with clients via texting, and leveraging big data to identify at-risk patients to create targeted intervention programs.

Serving the Medicaid population created by the Affordable Care Act and managing the challenge of coverage expansion will require coordination and communication. Integration of public health and community care professionals at the local level as valued members of the care-management team will be a key to success.

You don’t have to attend the live Medicaid Innovations 2014 event to network with colleagues to discuss strategies to manage the Medicaid population. Join the Medicaid Innovations LinkedIn community to connect with colleagues in the industry, share successes, and discuss challenges.

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